North v/s South

The  political air in New York city is really thick right now. With trouble on wall street many people don’t know what to do with their financial endeavors.  This comes as no surprise due to the fact that the 2009  presidential election is  so near.  Visiting New York to see if there is a difference between the way people in the north and south view political ideas.  Knowing that New York City has the largest number of financial planning institutions in the world. How do financial institutions go bankrupt? Who is going to bail these institutions out of the mudd?  We the American people will.  Our tax dollars will be used to not only correct financial spending errors, but the special interest groups will continue to yeild high returns acquiring more wealth at the expense of us all.  It appears that the country is far more focused on who is a celebrity.   All we have to do now until November is celebrate…


Reasons to be political…

     With much talk about the 2009 presidential campaign lurking over our shoulders. We still desire the need to form politically correct ideas.  Many people are torn between Democatic and Republican party nominations. However, when factors are overlooked suggesting us to open our eyes to what is realy happening to the economical and social structure of the United States. We seem blind, and often overlook the important issues that face us as a nation.  The amazing thing is that the general public does not always see so clearly when behavior exhibits lack of moral concern.  Why be political?  During the national Republican convention it was reported that the wife of Senator John McCain spent an estimated $313,000 dollars on wardrobe and accessories.  This comes as no surprise to the millions of displaced workers who can barely afford the cost of commuting to search for jobs.  Over half of the funding allotted for wardrobe could have been used to help fund art programs in schools that struggle with keeping music, art and culture alive.  Oscar De La Renta definitely would not have been devastated, nor culturally starved if Mrs. McCain decided to make a formal debut in a classic little number from Target.  We can not forget the beautifully crafted garments Senator Barack Obama’s wife wore at the Democatic National Convention.  On closing night of the Democratic National Convention Michelle Obama gracefully showed the world that fashion can kill, as she “walked the runway” with here husband–“Fashion is just a gesture,” words once quoted from Anna Wintour, chief editor of Vogue Magazine U.S.  This reassures us that we as a nation continue to run the gauntlet of public scrutiny.  This presidential campaign is about the people, and not traditional politics.  History must be made and this gives American people enough reasons to be political.

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